Ultimate goal of our Book Club is
to change our selves and the world
by speaking our opinions
based on books. 

These are some of our opinions
which were discussed in our Book Club.

We believe we should polish them as much as possible
by further discussions.

Hidefumi Arimoto

Scrap Education Ministry
as it harms teachers by bad decisions.

Abolish National Curriculum
as it never allows diversity of students.

Abolish Saturday classrooms
as it is bad for mental health of students.

School hours should be limited to morning time
as long teaching hours never improve students.

Abolish National Test
as it is harmful for students and teachers.

Abolish national survey for bullying
as it increases bullying by hiding real cases.

Class size should be less than twenty students
as it is a limit for teachers to control.

Number of teachers should be twice than today
as they are too tired to death by hard working.

Abolish every school text books
as it oppress freedom of students.

Abolish eavluation of moral education
as it comes from war time militarism.

Hire full time school librarians in every school
as reading education is necessary for every students.

Increase teachers' salary to double
as working condition became worse and worse.

Introduce complete free education
as difference between rich and poor is expanding.

Free education in national universities
as poor students must have learning oppotunities

Give official certification for free school students
as alternative is necessary for insufficient public schools.

Give official certification for home schooling students
as it is necessary for students who do not like schools.