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Isamu Shimada, an artist of oil painting abstract painting

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3.最初の挨拶First greeting

The way of thinking of art writer Isamu Shimada

5.アートの新しいスタイルを探しています In search of a new style of art

6.量子宇宙論と芸術的表現Quantum cosmology and artistic expression

アートペインティング表現Art painting expression

Points to keep in mind about the work The basics of abstract art

9...色とマチエールColor and matiere

私の絵のスタイルの歴史History of my painting style

11. 思考の絵画の作品集Collection of works of "thinking painting" Expert opinion on works of art

.12.絵画表現の重要なポイント.Important points of pictorial expression  

13.幼児の思考力アップ.Foster thinking ability from infants  

14アート雑誌に掲載.Published in art magazines


16.肖像画とカスタム絵画Portraits and custom paintings

17. ペイントの最終的な目的は何ですかWhat is the ultimate purpose of painting?


題。リックサックF15(53X66cm) 2022

プロの抽象油絵アーティストとしての私のアートスタイルの45年 それは劇的に変化しました。 世界には多くのアクリル画や工業芸術があります 産業界で役立ちます。 「油絵」の普遍的な作品の数は減っています。産業用にデザインされたアクリル画は、「生命に満ちた芸術」とはほど遠いものです。 この速度で、普遍的な「油絵」は消えます。それは美術教育の変化なのか、それとも社会的要因なのか?工業デザインは「芸術への障壁」です。人々が生きるための油絵。 「それは研究者の責任であり、美術雑誌、美術学校、ギャラリー、美術館、学芸員の知識が不足しているのでしょうか、それとも私が芸術家として知識を持っていないのでしょうか。 人間の祖先は、人間に役立つ芸術を生み出してきました。 一緒に高度な専門知識を学びましょう。そうでなければ、実際の芸術作品は衰退します。 時間は時差と多面的な絵画によって捉えられてきました。カンデンスキーは空間を定義することができなかったようです。空間は時間とともに発生する現象であり、「時は空間」「空間は時間」と言われています。それが哲学者の4次元理論の出現です。 仮説。 4D理論でオブジェクトを描くと、等高線から細胞が現れ、多くの分子を形成します。それは私たちに新しいオブジェクトを再び想像させます。それは「聖なるもの」と呼ばれています。時代が進むにつれ、ニュートリノの性質が明らかになり、「聖なるもの」の出現が証明されました。 これは4Dセルと同じメカニズムであり、何兆もの不正確さはありません。 ヒト細胞も考慮され、ips細胞の応用が始まっています。 要するに、この理論は人間にとって不可欠で重要であり、人間の生活に焦点を当てています。 「思考からの想像力の目覚め」とエントロピーの増加、この現象は避けられず、誰もが「死ぬ」。私たちは時代の先を行き、衰退を避けなければなりません。細胞は絶えず死んでいます。それも生成されますが、エントロピーの増加は避けられません。したがって、破壊、ランダム性、または亀裂によって自然に発生する可能性のある現象から、「死ぬ前に死ぬ」ことを想像してみてください。対策は充実した生活につながります。人々の生活を支えるアートを見つけましょう。飽きることなく見ることができるアートで次世代を笑わせないでください!

Artist's statement.
45 years of my art style as a professional abstract oil painting artist It has changed dramatically.
There are many acrylic paintings and industrial arts in the world
It is useful in the industrial world. It is a declining number of universal works of "oil painting".
Acrylic paintings designed for industry are far from "life-filled art."
At this speed, the universal "oil painting" disappears. Is it a change in art education or a social factor? Industrial design is a "barrier to art". Oil painting for people to live. "Is it the responsibility of the researcher and lack of knowledge of art magazines, art schools, galleries, museums, curators,
or is it that I, as an artist, have no knowledge?
Human ancestors have created art that is useful to humans.
Let's learn advanced expertise together. Otherwise, the actual work of art will decline.
Time has been captured by time difference and multi-faceted painting. Kandensky didn't seem to be able to define the space.
The space is a phenomenon that occurs with time, and it is said that "time is space" and "space is time".
That is the emergence of the philosopher's four-dimensional theory.
hypothesis. When you draw an object with 4D theory, cells appear from the contour line, forming many molecules.
It makes us imagine a new object again. That is called the "holy thing." As the times progressed, the nature of neutrinos became clear,
proving the emergence of "holy things."This is the same mechanism as a 4D cell, with no trillionth of inaccuracies.
Human cells are also considered, and the application of ips cells has begun.
In short, this theory is essential and important to humans and focuses on human life.
"Awakening of imagination from thought" and increase in entropy, this phenomenon is inevitable and everyone "dies". We must stay ahead of the curve and avoid decline. The cells are constantly dying. It is also generated, but an increase in entropy is inevitable. Therefore, imagine "dying before you die" from the phenomena that can occur naturally due to destruction, randomness, or cracks. Measures lead to a fulfilling life. Find art that supports people's lives. Don't let the next generation laugh with art that you can see without getting tired of it!


[ユニバーサルキャンバスとペイント。 ]市販品は使用しないでください

The concept of "painting that evokes imagination by thinking",

Aiming for artistic expression, the work of Isamu Shimada appears in pursuing the system theory "abstract oil painting for viewers" and "making it the most valuable". [Universal canvas and paint. ] Please do not use commercial products Handmade canvas is important. Place the linen canvas on a wooden board and glue it. Apply acrylic paint 5 times and reapply adhesive 2 times. Apply the oil paint foundation twice. After that, please use the one that has passed 6 months or more. Prevents sagging, cracking and breakage and keeps the oil paint shiny. It is the duty of the creator. start from. * Durability of acrylic paint, the surface burns in the sun after 2-3 years. Painting. This is the story of a painter who has been exposed to UV protection for eight years. Year (year when Desney was repainted) Kandensky was unable to "express time and space." I cannot ignore the concept of time and space based on the four-dimensional idea advocated by many philosophers such as Merlot Pontey and Sartre. As I said, of course my universal theory is state-of-the-art "artistic curation" that "supports the theory of artistic expression". It is the same as "a coil-shaped thing called an annual ring that represents the meteorological environment surrounding trees and the year", and is the theory of preservation and expression of abstract paintings. The same applies to oil paintings. I think this is the most valuable work. Many experts appreciate the artistic reification of theory. And I'm glad that the expert theory actually appeared in this world through the expression of images. I am immature, but I will continue to do my best. Thank you very much.