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マニアルの細部検討から、ちょっと薄めに彩色し、輪郭線も弱く表現しました。【作品The work】ご参照ください。
I was given 2 months to live (mid-April), and I was able to recover.Since my health is good, I was diagnosed with a 3.5-month increase in life expectancy, and the deadline at the end of May has passed without incident. After studying the details of the manual, I colored it a little lighter and expressed the outlines weaker. Please refer to [The work]. New products are currently on sale.

ホームHomu   基本構成Basic configuration  絵画表現の実践Practice of pictorial expression  作品The work       参考文献 References 

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ドイツODSKに論文提出【新しき芸術様式の誕生】Submitted thesis to ODSK in Germany [Birth of a new art style]

Statement and concept


工業デザインは「アートへの障壁」です。 人々とともに生きるための油絵。
それを研究するのは 誰の責任でしょうか、美術雑誌、美術学校、ギャラリー、美術館、学芸員の知識の欠如でしょうか?アメリカの美術教育に於いては

人類の祖先は人類に役立つ芸術を創造してきました。 高度かつ専門的な知識を学びます。
古人は 時間差と多面的な絵画を通して時間を捉えました。そして、 カンデンスキーは空間を定義できなかったようです。


日本のニュートリノ実験では、「別なものに変化すること」の不正確さは 1 兆分の 1 パーセント未満も無いでした。

私の絵には人間と同じ「個性」があります。 現在では ヒト細胞も検討されており、IPS細胞やES細胞の応用が始まっています。

思考から想像力を呼び起こしてエントロピーの増加を回避しなければなりません。」 エントロピーが増加する。細胞は絶えず死んでいく。
また、私に与えてくれる。 あなたの人生を支えるアートを見つけてください。飽きのこないアートで次世代に笑われないように!

Artist's statement.
I have been working as an oil painter professionally for 46 years, and for about 30 years
I have changed dramatically from realism to abstract painting. Acrylic paintings (lasting approximately 8 years)
and industrial design art are rampant around the world. Acrylic paintings designed for industrial use are far from "art full of life.
" The universal ``oil painting art pursuit work'' may decrease and disappear.
Is this a change in art education or a social factor?
Industrial design is a "barrier to art". Oil paintings to live with people. Who is responsible for researching it?
Is it the lack of knowledge on the part of art magazines, art schools, galleries, museums, and curators?
Human ancestors have created art that is useful to humanity. Learn advanced and specialized knowledge.
Ancient people captured time through time differences and multifaceted paintings. And Kandensky seems unable to define space.
Applying the philosopher's four-dimensional theory, everything that exists can be expressed as up and down, left and right, front and back,
and this action is said to be time and space, and is called a synthesis of transference. When combined into a single picture, many outlines are created, cells emerge from these outlines, and many molecules are formed. You can freely draw contour lines using the "fluctuation" expression of the neutrino phenomenon and reconsider new celestial bodies. That is what philosophers call "the sacred."
Over time, the nature of neutrinos became clearer, proving the appearance of what philosophers call "the sacred."
In the Japanese neutrino experiment, the inaccuracy of ``transforming into something else'' was less than one trillionth of a percent, he said.
My paintings have the same "individuality" as humans. Currently, he is also considering human cells, and the application of IPS cells and ES cells has begun.
That is, this theory is essential and important to humans and focuses on human life.
What would you do if destruction, cracks, and random expressions happened to you?

The biggest increase is the increase in entropy, and it is said that everyone is destined to "die,"
but "humanity must be ahead of the curve and summon imagination from thought to avoid the increase in entropy." ” Entropy increases.
Cells constantly die. Cells are constantly regenerating, but an increase in entropy is inevitable for everyone.
From this phenomenon, let's imagine ``dying before you die''. Taking preventive measures will lead to a fulfilling life.
Also, give it to me. Find art that supports your life. Don't let the next generation laugh at you with timeless art!


[ユニバーサルキャンバスとペイント。 ]市販品は使用しないでください.手作りの帆布が重要です。





The concept of “paintings that inspire thinking and imagination

Aiming for artistic expression, Isamu Shimada's work appears in the system theory of ``abstract oil painting for the viewer'' and ``making it the most valuable thing.''
[Universal Canvas and Paint. ] Do not use commercial products.Handmade canvas is important.
Place the linen canvas on the wooden board and glue it together.
Apply 5 coats of acrylic paint and 2 coats of adhesive.

Apply two coats of oil paint foundation. Please use it after 6 months or more.
Prevents sagging, cracking, and breakage, and maintains the luster of your oil paints.
It is the Creator's duty. start from.

*Durability of acrylic paint, the surface will burn in the sun after 2-3 years.Painting.
This is the story of a painter who has been exposed for 8 years even with UV protection.
Year (year when Disney was repainted)

Kandensky was unable to "express time and space."
I cannot ignore the concept of time and space, which is based on the idea of four dimensions, proposed by many philosophers such as Merleau-Pontey and Sartre.As I said, of course my universal theory is This is cutting-edge "artistic curation" that "supports the theory of artistic expression."
This theory is called "composition."

It is the same as ``coil-shaped things called tree rings that represent the weather environment surrounding trees and years,'' and is a theory of preservation and expression of abstract paintings. If the environment is a ``theory of artistic expression'', then the work can also be assumed to be a tree ring, and the same applies to oil paintings.
I think this is the most valuable work.

Many experts highly value the artistic embodiment of the theory. And I am glad that the expert's theory actually appeared in this world through the representation of images. I am inexperienced, but I will continue to do my best. thank you very much.