【Introduction of Ohmagari YH】

Ohmagari YH which was established in 1st March,2005, is surrounding Japanese typical great
rice field. at the center of Yokote basin, south part of Akita pref. It's true Japanese country
side, not a theme park. The time past slowly, wind feels cheerfully.

In winter, Akita is famous as a most heavy snow area in Japan. At Yokote-city, a famous festival
of Snow House named"Kamakura". You can know how to live the people in one & half meters.

               Capacity          15persons

               No. of rooms         5rooms
                     (1 room in 2 bed, 3 rooms in tatami, 1room mixed)

               Check in        16:00〜20:00 
                     (If you take dinner, pls chek in until 1900pm)

               Check out       〜10:00   

               Dinner at       18:00〜20:00               
               Breakfast at       7:00〜 8:00

               Gate Close at        21:00

               Bath            17:00〜21:00    
                  Amenities  soup. shampoo,hair dryer

               Car park       15 Cars are avarable.
                            Bicycle & Bike can park in Naya(Japanese barn)

               You can buy some kind of softdrink and beer,
               but no convenience store, restaurants and major banks around YH
               and iizume station.

【Traditional Japanese House】  

YH is renewed over 30 years old traditional famers house.  

  Reception Passege Dinning
  Room「Mt.Chokai」 Room 「Mt.Moriyoshi」 Room「Mt.Mahiru」
  Room「Mt.Waga」 Room「MT.Komagatake」 Bath
  In Winter In Summer Home shrine