The concept of Isamu Shimada, an artist


芸術論の研究から芸術作家を目指す ~写生絵画からの抜け出す
Aim at becoming an artist by studying art theory.-Getting out of sketch painting

②島田勇の人生を育むために ~自我の無と論理的追求p
To foster the life of Isamu Shimada: the selflessness and logical pursuit~ Nothing and logical pursuit of ego

③藝術作家としての考え方鑑賞者の生涯にわたって役立つ絵画を創りだす事 P5
Thinking as an art writer -Creating useful paintings for the life of the viewer  

~ 論理的把握と表現、孤独との戦いp6
Human creative activity
~ Logical grasp and expression, fight against loneliness

⑤社会的行為のシステム理論~ 訓練の厳しさが重要p7
System theory of social behavior
~ Strict training is importan

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